Florida Military Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Even though divorce laws do not differ for military members, a divorce involving a military member, retiree, or military spouse can raise some complicated issues involving. Determining each party’s rights to military retirement pay is a crucial part of property division; and the Parenting Plan issues of child custody and time sharing; and child support can be especially challenging. Attorney Marin is a veteran of the United States Air Force and prides herself in serving military families. 

Military Divorce Proceedings and Jurisdiction Matters in Florida

While dissolution of marriage is generally governed by state law, the federal government has enacted legislation that applies to divorces involving servicemen and servicewomen. Among other things, federal law governs when a military divorce proceeding may take place, under what circumstances it may be postponed, and how an active member of the military may be served. In addition, Florida law provides unique residency requirements for military families. 

Military service and the right to retirement pay after divorce

Career military members and their spouses need to know that, under both state and federal law, military retirement pay is divided between the divorced spouses based on such factors as length of active duty service and the length of the marriage. The former spouses of military members may also qualify for a variety of military benefits and must be supported until the divorce is final. If these rights and entitlements are not dealt with correctly in the divorce process, the non-military member may lose them forever without recourse.

Representing members of the military community

We represent military members and dependents, as well as military personnel and dependents who are currently deployed but who have marriage or family law matters.  With extensive experience in family law, we can guide you through the divorce process, even if you are living out of state or are deployed or stationed overseas. For more information about our military divorce and family law services and how we meet your legal needs, please attorney Carmelina Marin for an immediate consultation.

Parenting issues related to military divorce

Military families face additional burdens related to child custody, support and visitation. Parenting issues can complicate a military divorce because of realities of deployments and relocations of those serving in the Armed Forces. The Marin Law Firm, P.A. has been successfully advising and representing military members with their difficult divorce and family law matters,  and can effectively protect your rights and interests.


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